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Important note about production times

Due to a nationwide shortage of Sunbrella fabric, most orders will be delayed beyond the dates shown. Our production queue is now completely dependent on which fabric colors we receive, so you could get lucky with a quick turnaround but most orders have to wait for fabric.

Limited availability -- we'll get more but we can't say when

Cadet Gray
Captain Navy
Charcoal Gray
Erin Green
Forest Green
Heather Beige
Jockey Red
Marine Blue
Med Blue Tweed
Navy Blue
True Brown

Discontinued colors that are unavailable and aren't coming back:

Baltic Tweed
Baltic Blue
Black Tweed
Blue Tweed
Forest Tweed
Linen Tweed
Ocean Blue
Red Tweed
Seagrass Green

Currently, Sunbrella shipments arrive without warning and fail to arrive without notice. But it will arrive, we just don't know when. We recommend ordering now so you have a place in line. We authorize your card upon purchase but that expires in a week and we don't collect payment until the product ships. You can cancel any time until fabrication begins. Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.

Custom Mainsail Covers

How to order

1. Select your boat

Can't find your boat? Contact customer service.

Boat Price Select
Catalina 27 $284.38

2. Do you have a flaking system?

What is a flaking system? Flaking systems are lines of various types that cradle and control your main sail when you drop it, making it easier to drape and store.

Dutchman systems have two or three vertical filaments that are installed through small holes cut in the sail.

Lazy Jacks form a cradle and install on both sides of the boom, using four to eight cut outs (2-4 on each side). Please note that cutouts are NOT counted in pairs. Count the total number of coutouts needed in your cover for all Lazy Jack lines.

Both types of flaking systems require cut outs in the sail cover

Select a flaking system
(additional charges apply)

3. Bottom closure

Please select how you want the bottom of the cover to close

Webbing and Nylon clips (standard; no extra charge) Pros:
  • Exceptionally long life
  • Better air ciculation, less chance of mildew
  • Lower cost
  • Bottom of cover is open


Twist locks (additional $33.57)

  • Cover is closed along bottom
  • Less chance of varmints nesting in flaked sail
  • Traditional
  • Twist locks have a shorter life
  • Higher cost

4. Choose a color