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How to identify your blue Sunbrella canvas

Identifying shades of blue Sunbrella canvas is trickier than you might think. Please read these color selection guidelines before placing your order.

Navy Blue - original color on most 1980's and 90's Hunters, and many other boats. The darkest of all the blues, it can appear black in low light. (Note: Some Hunter's made in the late 90's to present use a non-blue color called Cadet Grey.)

Captain Navy - has a decidedly purple caste. It is rarely used as a standard color on production boats, although it can be found on Precision Sailboats and Catalinas built after 2000.

Pacific Blue - Perhaps the most popular of all Sunbrella blues, this is the lightest of the blue shades. It is frequently found on Catalinas as well as some Hunters from the 1970's and early 80's. NOTE: Although this color can be described as royal blue, it is NOT royal blue in the Sunbrella color palette.

Royal Blue Tweed - Royal blue is a medium, electric blue shade distinguished by a black tweed running through it. If you don't see black thread running through it, you do not have Sunbrella royal blue!
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