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Maintenance Sorbent Pads

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Universal Pad for Both Oil- and Water-Based Fluids

Ideal for dealing with common equipment leaks.
These pads are lightweight, versatile and take just minutes to put in place.

Can be used with oils, coolants, cutting fluids, aqueous-based liquids and petroleum-based products
Ideal for placing under machinery to catch oily drips, or placed in the path of a spill
Scrim on one side increases strength and helps decrease linting
Can be incinerated, leaving less than 0.2% ash
15.5" x 20.5" pad absorbs approximately 1.5 quarts
Dispenser box contains a 50 feet continuous roll of folded pads with perforations every 16 inches; can be used as a pillow or boom, or unfolded to approximately. 16" x 19" pads; each section absorbs approx. 1 quarts
55 gallon drum cover sorbent has cut-outs for dispensing bungs and a skirt which fits around the base to catch drips; absorbs approx. 2 quarts
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Maintenance Sorbent Pads, 12 Gal/Case - Drum Cover 55 Gal Drum6 business days SKU 170497
Mfg p/n 051138-28998
Out of Stock $5.02
Maintenance Sorbent Pads, 37.5 Gal/Case - Pad 15.5 in. x 20.5 in.6 business days SKU 170495
Mfg p/n 051131-07164
Out of Stock $1.48