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CDI Flexible Headsail Furler

Foolproof furling, recommended by Practical Sailor

The CDI furler has enjoyed rave reviews from owners of boats of all sizes. It's specifically designed for those who use their boats for cruising, casual racing, or day sailing.

One of the most popular furlers made today, the CDI line is easy to maintain and install. It's standard equipment on many production boats and is also a popular aftermarket choice for monohull, multihulls, and even passagemakers. The flexible luff extrusion makes it an especially good choice for trailerables.

This solidly built system is backed by a remarkably comprehensive warranty, but remains one of the most inexpensive furlers on the market. Instead of skimping on components, CDI has eliminated expensive features only hard-core racers demand, thereby increasing the system's reliability while lowering the cost.

Practical Sailor reports 100% of Flexible Furler owners surveyed would buy their Flexible Furler again

CDI was the only major furler manufacturer to receive that level of owner endorsement.

The system includes a patented, one-piece, UV stabilized PVC luff extrusion. This luff extrusion is as stiff in torsion as a metal system, and yet can bend without kinking, unlike metal systems. There are no joints to fail and it is designed to be winched. It also includes a built-in halyard, eliminating troublesome halyard swivels and halyard wrap, maximizing reliability whether offshore or close to home. The durable one-piece urethane furling drum and stainless steel drum cover keeps the furling line in place. You can accidentally drop your anchor onto the Flexible Furler drum and expect it to keep working.

If you're looking for a proven, simple furling system that gets the job done but doesn't cost and arm and a leg, check out our prices on the CDI line.

Ball Bearing Option

Ball bearings are not required for the FF1 through FF6. However, if you expect consistent heavy loading or want the easiest possible furling, the ball bearing option is a great option available. The FF7.0 and FF9.0 come standard with ball bearings. 1/2 inch Torlon balls are used which roll over dirt easier and need less maintenance than the 1/4 inch balls you find in less rugged systems.

SystemMax Headstay
Wire SizeMaximum
Turnbuckle Size
FF229'1/8 - 3/16"1/4 - 5/16"0.6x1.4"4.0"
FF433'1/8 - 7/32"1/4 - 3/8" 0.9x1.8"5.8"
FF639'5/32 - 1/4"5/16 - 7/16"0.9x1.8"5.8"
FF7.047'5/32 - 1/4"7/16 - 1/2"0.9x1.8"6.5"
FF9.053'1/4 - 5/16"1/2 - most 5/8"1.2x2.2"6.5"
Installation Notes

In order to insure fit of your CDI Flexible Furler, you must know both the wire and turnbuckle size. Flexible Furlers are designed to install over 1X19 cable laid wire. They will not install over rod rigging or inside out Navtec turnbuckles. The headstay should have a swage-on stud and an open body turnbuckle at the bottom end of the headstay assembly. Sta-Loc or similar swageless fittings can be used at the upper end of the headstay assembly but can not be used at the bottom end as the fitting will not install inside the furling drum properly.

CDI furler installation manuals: Shipping

Models FF1 through FF7 ship via UPS. The luff extrusion is coiled in a 40 inch hoop and will require a straightening process. You must cut the bands on the coil within a day or two of receipt, and follow the straightening directions on the box or the luff may not completely straighten. The directions recommend three people for the job simply because, once you cut the bands holding the coil together, you'll need some extra hands to deal with the entire length of the luff. The actual process should only take a few minutes.

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: No

ItemItem No.StatusPrice Quantity

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