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Stabiscope Binoculars

True Gyroscopic Image Stabilization; Night Vision Option

A common problem with high powered binoculars is that they magnify everything, even the slightest motions like normal hand tremors associated with holding binoculars up to your eyes. The higher the power, the more magnified the movement. If you add the unpredictable motion of an intensely vibrating platform such as a high speed vehicle or boat, prop driven plane, or helicopter - the problem becomes exponetially worse.
This is where the Stabiscope's performance is unrivalled. The Stabiscope's optics are stabilized internally, so while the binoculars may be subject to motion or vibration, the image remains stable - similar to a gimbaled compass in rough seas. The Stabiscope is widely used on naval, coast guard, commercial ships and large fishing vessels; also for search and rescue, harbor and border patrol, and law enforcement.
Night vision models include additional eyepieces (tubes) which are substituted for the standard ones. Compared to the original Generation 1 night vision tubes, the Gen 2.5 tubes currently available amplify exisiting light 20,000 or 30,000 times (approx. 10x better than Gen 1), provide more near IR sensitivity, have higher resolving power, and a 5,000 hour tube life. Gen 3 adds gallium arsenide to the photocathode for a brighter and sharper image, as well as doubling the tube life to 10,000 hours. Gen 3 is the current standard for the U.S. military
Fujinon Stabiscope is standard equipment on every NASA Space Shuttle Mission
Can be used for long periods in damanding conditions with noticeably less fatigue
Internal optics are mounted in a freely rotating gimbaled frame equipped with a gyro motor, this keeps the optics oriented along the original line of sight, even if the binocular itself experiences movement
Stabilization Freedom is an impressive +/- 5 in any direction
100% waterproof, fog-proof and dry nitrogen filled
Fully multi-coated optics for the truest colors, brightest images and freedom from glare
Includes Stabiscope, DC regulator, battery pack, power cable, neck strap, hand strap, instructions, and case
Operates on either the supplied DC regulator, or 4 AA batteries
Approx. dimensions: 8.7" x 7.9" x 3.8"
Weight: 4.2 lbs.; Night Vision (D/N) model 4.4 lbs.
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Stabiscope Binoculars, 12 x 40 Stabiscope
SKU 215910

Mfg p/n 7512400
Exit Pupil Dia.: 3.3mm
Magnification: 12
Obj. Dia.: 40mm
Type: 12 x 40 Stabiscope
Out of Stock$6,165.13
Stabiscope Binoculars, 16 x 40 Stabiscope
SKU 215911

Mfg p/n 7514402
Exit Pupil Dia.: 2.5mm
Magnification: 16
Obj. Dia.: 40mm
Type: 16 x 40 Stabiscope
Out of Stock$6,706.85
Stabiscope Binoculars, 12 x 40 Stabiscope w/Gen 2.5 Night Vision
SKU 215913

Mfg p/n 7512404
Exit Pupil Dia.: N/A
Magnification: 12
Obj. Dia.: 40mm
Type: 12 x 40 Stabiscope w/Gen 2.5 Night Vision
Out of Stock$19,786.30
Stabiscope Binoculars, 12 x 40 Stabiscope w/Gen 3 Night Vision
SKU 215914

Mfg p/n 7512405
Exit Pupil Dia.: N/A
Magnification: 12
Obj. Dia.: 40mm
Type: 12 x 40 Stabiscope w/Gen 3 Night Vision
Out of Stock$21,358.70

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