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Special Engine Cooling Pumps


The ideal solution for raw water marine engine cooling from the originator of the flexible impeller pump. This semi-positive displacement design has superior priming ability, is compact, with simple mechanical characteristics that ensure trouble-free running and long life. The pumps illustrated here are designed and manufactured specifically for engine cooling applications. In addition to these, most of the pedestal mounted pumps can be used for engine cooling. The 17360-1001 is a heavy duty raw water pump that is very similar to the ones found on Detroit Diesel and other large diesel engines. It may be adapted to select engine cooling applications requiring the same size pump by incorporating some minor plumbing specifications.
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Special Engine Cooling Pumps, Flagship, Palmer Lehman, Chris-Craft
SKU 10758

Mfg p/n 5850-0001
Drive: Coupler
Engine Model: Flagship, Palmer Lehman, Chris-Craft
Mount: Engine
Port: 3/4" NPT
Weight: 6.0 lb
Out of Stock$555.57
Special Engine Cooling Pumps, Perkins 4-107 & 4-108
SKU 05235

Mfg p/n 3270-0001
Drive: Coupling
Engine Model: Perkins 4-107 & 4-108
Mount: Engine
Port: 3/4" NPT
Weight: 4.0 lb
2 in stock$449.75
Special Engine Cooling Pumps, Caterpillar D-336/343/353, Detroit V-71 & V-92
SKU 59202

Mfg p/n 17360-1001
Drive: Gear
Engine Model: Caterpillar D-336/343/353, Detroit V-71 & V-92
Mount: Engine
Port: 2-1/2" Flange
Weight: 28.0 lb
Out of Stock$2,342.75
Special Engine Cooling Pumps, Caterpillar 3160/3208
SKU 74941

Mfg p/n 6400-1051
Drive: Pulley
Engine Model: Caterpillar 3160/3208
Mount: Pedestal
Port: 1-1/4" NPT Horizontal
Weight: 10.5 lb
Out of Stock$543.62

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